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Yemaya is an older Lady, built in 1981 by Najad close to Gothenburg in Sweden.
Najad is a traditional builder and since Yemaya is from the 80:s she is a bit conservative. This means that she has a long keel and a full skeg protecting the rudder.

Since Plastic and glass was a lot cheaper in the 80s the boat builders usually laid up really thick GRP hulls. This, of course, means that she is a heavy boat, officially she weighs about 9000 kg but in reality, it is usually closer to 13 000, and that is a lot for a 37-foot boat.

Being as heavy as she is and being a bit under rigged means that she likes it when it blows a bit more and honestly does not perform very well in very light winds.

The name Yemaya is from the Yoruba religion originating in Africa and s the name of the Mother of Waters we are hoping that it will give us luck and fortune on our coming adventures.


The essentials

  • Water  approx 450 liters of fresh clear water divided into 2 separate tanks
  • Fuel 370 liters divided into two separate tanks.
  • Sail, Mainsail bought in 2016 together with a heavy weather jib made by UK Syversen. The Genoa is a bit Older but still in good shape, made by Gransegel in Sweden.
  • The engine is a Volvo Penta MD22 – 50 Hp with a straight shaft exiting just before the skeg.
  • The electricity, we have a total of 6 65Ah Gel batteries, for charging we have 270 watts of solar, we have space for an additional 200 watts but have yet to upgrade Also, the Main engine is fitted with a 75Amp generator.

The extras

  • Hydrovane Windvane
  • Raymarine E95 plotter i70 displays and an autopilot
  • EchoTec watermaker
  • Iridium 9575 Satphone for long distance communication
Drawing of Yemaya
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