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Yup, there´s no doubt about it. We are definitely no Vikings. We usually don’t keep any axes on board and we are definitely no pirates. However we do come from the North, we do have a “ship” but first and foremost we have a great lust to travel and explore. We are also proud members of VSS (Vikingarnas Segel Sällskap Boat Club founded in 1899) and we truly love bad jokes and wordplay. The boating community is full of silly boat names. So to all of you with a boat named anything like Knot for Sail or Mrs Sippi, this vlog is a tribute to you.


Graphic designer.
Always been fascinated by the sea and all the life underwater. Began sailing when she met Chris and fell in love with it. During one of her first sailing experiences, she was quite nervous so Chris calmed her down and told her it was impossible to flip an Optimist sailing dinghy. Steffi managed to prove him wrong in an instant. After that, her sailing learning curve has radically excelled.
Loves food and can eat a lot more than you would think. She is also very careful about sunscreen so she will make absolutely sure that no one onboard forgets the sunscreen.

Steffi really has an Eye for details and has the patience of a Saint so she can spend hours to get something just the way she wants it.


Senior accountant exchanging balance sheets for sea charts.

Chris has always loved exploring, especially the ocean where if it wasn’t for his beard you could mistake him for a fish. His passion for the ocean began with diving. He’s worked in Thailand, Egypt and Cyprus as a divemaster and Instructor.

His sailing experience started when he was very young but it wasn’t until he met Stefanie he became really hooked.

Chris parents sailed around the world in the 70s in a 28ft sailboat.

So the passion for sailing truly runs in his blood.


Our precious. Full of energy and brings laughter and love. He is truly in charge of much more than he knows. Thanks to him though we have boosted the boat with safety gear and taken a lot more safety Courses than we thought we would need.


He is always happiest when he gets to be with his family and if he gets to choose he is always as close as possible, If we can convince him that it is ok to do his business on a rug on the stern of the boat he will get to come along on this epic trip.

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