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Episode 13 – Sailing With A Toddler

Episode 13 – Sailing with a toddler

It’s time for an extra special episode for you guys!
The question that we get asked most times is without a doubt: “How do you sail with a kid that small” so we decided to put together this video where we try to show you how we have done it so far but also what hasn’t really worked for us.

We have also received a lot of questions before posting this video and to avoid a too long segment with us just talking to the camera we have decided to answer it in the text here:

Q: How do you tackle your toddler becoming bored or does that not happen?
A: It usually doesn’t happen, we entertain him as much as we can and we have a lot of toys like crayons, Duplo, and clay that he plays with while sitting still.

Q: How does your toddler do underway? As ours get older we are having a harder time keeping her occupied! She just wants to run around but she’ll fall all over the place.
A: It really depends on the situation and on the sea-state, if it’s rough he plays in the aft cabin with Steffi and if its calm he can play around in the salon area. With the falling, we always keep an eye on him so he doesn’t do anything dangerous but we believe that it’s good for him to test and learn his own limits and get to fall a little…

Q: What does your boat pharmacy look like? I’m thinking about medicine for both grown-ups and children.
A: We did cover this briefly in the video. We have everything from antibiotics, painkillers, seasickness medication, creams for all kinds of ailments. We do suggest contacting a doctor to get the training necessary in how to use prescription medication. It’s also important to consider your own age and prior illnesses together with that of guest visiting. Take a Catheter as an example, if we were a bit older we would definitely keep this in our stock and get the training required but considering our age and that of the expected guest we decided that we would not need it at this point in time.

Q: Our kid is starting to “walk” around and climbing things. Some tips for that?
A: We try to let Leo climb as much as possible but for the places where it’s not “safe” or we can’t supervise 100% we try to close the area off with either a piece of fabric or some other barrier. When Leo was just starting to walk we used the harness a lot.

Q: How does he like being underway with engine vs sail?
A: He doesn’t seem to care that much but I think he falls asleep easier with the engine running.

Q: In bad weather does he get bored stuck in the cabin?
A: Sometimes but we try to entertain him as much as possible, and we still try to leave the boat even if the weather is bad so he gets to stretch his legs. It surely takes more effort from us to keep him entertained on board compared to on land but luckily he’s relatively easy entertained… for now at least 😉

Q: Does he get excited when it’s time to go ashore?
A: Definitely! He just started trying to ride a balance bike and he is very keen on trying it as much as possible!

THANK you so much for watching and I really hope you liked it!!

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