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Episode 24 – The Diesel Is NOT Supposed To Look Like THAT! And There Is A Crack In Our Mast!

Episode 24 – The Diesel is NOT supposed to look like THAT! And there is a crack in our mast!

The Caribbean boat work madness!
We have split our time in Martinique into 2 episodes, this first one is all about the sweaty, dirty and tough boat work, it’s not for everyone but it does take a huge amount of our time to keep the boat up and running.

We think it’s important to try and share an honest picture of our lives on the boat and that’s why we wanted to share this even if it’s not the most exciting content. Next episode we will make it up to you and that one will be all about the good times and all the fun stuff we did to break up the boat work.

Hope you like it! And as always, please share your thoughts.
We love hearing what you think 🙂
Peace out
Chris, Steffi and the Lil Captain

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