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Episode 25 – One Two Free(Dom)

Episode 25 – One Two Free(Dom)

After weeks of boat work we took a break from it all and explored the beautiful island of Martinique.
We see St Anne, St Pierre and a botanical garden. We also fly the drone, go snorkeling, walk in the woods and forget about all of that sweaty boat work. On one of our first mornings at anchor we have a big surprise when we look out the window.
There are men doing yoga on the boat next to us… with NO CLOTHES on. In an anchorage where there’s loads and loads of other boats 😉 We get the parts for the mast but it turns out that the most important part is MISSING… A bummer but we try our best to stay positive!

Hope you like the episode! And as always, please share your thoughts. *
We love hearing what you think 🙂

Peace out
Chris, Steffi and the Lil Captain

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