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The Story about how we ended up with a new and shiny Rocna 25

We knew early on when we left that our 20kg Bruce anchor that has been with the boat since she came out from the factory in 1981 might not cut it.

We started looking into buying a different anchor when we were in Sweden before we left and soon found the Rocna, everyone seemed to use it and we didn’t anything bad about it except the price.
Since we weren’t sure how long we were going to sail or what was going to happen the new anchor was dropped down on the priority list and we ended up not doing anything about it.

Our Bruce was doing fine the few times we had to anchor along the European coast. It took some fidgeting and we had to re-anchor a few times but all in all it wasn’t too bad.

When we came to Barbados we had some engine trouble so we ended up dropping the anchor really far out in about 8m of water. We have 60m of chain rode on the boat and dropped everything in, despite this we were dragging, I(Chris) dove down to the anchor and I could clearly see how it was just sort of slowly being dragged over the bottom not doing any effort at digging in at all.

When the engine was back up and running again we re-anchored at least 10 times and couldn’t get it to set. Fun fact is that during the crossing of the Atlantic a cable for the windlass corroded of so all this anchoring was done by hand! Lifting 60m of chain and a 20kg anchor 10 times is a huge workout!
We still couldn’t get it to set and ended up sitting far out in the anchorage slowly dragging out to sea.
Needless to say, we barely dared to leave the boat at all and soon left to go to Martinique to give our beloved Yemaya some TLC.


Again we did a ton a research and again we ended up wanting a Rocna. We sent them a few and after some negotiations, we were able to come to an agreement.
They liked our videos and in exchange for our opinions on the anchor and a video about it, they would give us a better deal on the Anchor!

For us, it was the best news in a long time since we had already more or less decided to get a Rocna and now we could get a better deal.
As soon as we came to St. Lucia we picked up our new anchor from the Island water world store and mounted it in place of the Bruce. The anchor even fit the bow of our boat so we didn’t need to make any adjustments! It was as if it was meant to be!

Ever since we changed the anchor the difference in performance has been huge! The Rocna has managed to set every single time and now it’s only down to us to put it in the right place.
So far we have tried it in both really hard sand, rocky bottoms with a lot of dead coral, bottoms with a lot of seaweed and soft sandy bottoms, so far it has usually dug in within a meter of where it was dropped the only exception being the rocky bottom where it once took a little bit more.

I would definitely recommend anyone to get a Rocna just to be able to get a good night’s sleep.

They are a bit more expensive but for us, the difference in performance has been huge!

Link to the video coming soon!

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